Elevator Card Control Systems

EM Technology 300L Master Controller

Floor Master Controller, 32-bit embedded processor ARM7, Linux System Inside, Control up to 16 Floors, Support 4pcs extension controller. Storage of up to 40,000 cardholders per controller,10,000 Records.

EM Technology 300S Extension Board

Floor Extension Controller, Control up to 8 Floors

EM Technology 300B Build Talking System

Floor Signal Acquisition,Support 3pcs Floor Signal Acquisition at Max 3 floors

EM Technology 300G2 Multi-Can controller

2pcs Elevator Linkage Controller

EM Technology 300G4 Multi-Can controller

4pcs Elevator Linkage Controller

EM Technology 300R Keypad Reader

Mifare Keypad Reader for Elevator

EM Technology 300I Card Reader

Mifare Card Issuer for Elevator