Intrusion Detection Systems

Epsilon Security UK ST5500 Hard Wired Alarm Controller

5 Zones, Micro Processor Controlled 4 + 1 zones, Five fully programmable detection Zones, Built in Internal Sounder, LCD Display, Fully Programmable, Includes 700mA Power Supply Transformer

Epsilon Security UK ST6100Hard Wired Alarm Controller

8 Zones, Micro Processor Controlled 7 + 1 zones, Seven Fully Programmable Detection Zones, Built in  Internal Sounder, ncludes 1 Amp Power Supply Transformer

Epsilon Security UK ST6550 Hard Wired Alarm Controller c/w keypad

8 Zones, Micro Processor Controlled 7 + 1 Zones, Seven Fully Programmable Detection Zones, Includes 1 Amp Power Supply Transformer, Also includes one remote keypad

IMAKE IM-2016 16 Zones Alarm Control Panel

* Wired Control Panel for 8/16 programmable Zones
* Led keypad
* Automatically dials alarm center user’s mobile phone or telephone with audible alarm while emergency happens
* Settable 6 groups of phone number and 2 groups alarm center phone 
* Connect 4 keypads at most 
* 8/16 wired programmable zones
* Different programmable settings
* Single zone ARM and  DISARM
* Connect 4 keypads at most
*compatible ADEMCO4+1, CID communication protocol
* Record 100 latest alarm events
* Built-in voice module, 10seconds record, voice alarm function
* 1 PGM output

Epsilon Security UK LED and LCD Keypads


Battery Back-up GSM Dialer Main Features:
*Adopt advanced microprocessor controlling circuit ,run steadily. Capability is ascendant.
*Adopt high gains antenna, Signal is strong
*Be applicable for GSM900MHz/GSM1800MHz
*Call or called function can be set up flexibly.
*The functions of locking terminal, locking UIM card, locking network and locking cell can be set up conveniently.
*Function of displaying incoming calls.
*Provide accurate anti-polarity signal for billing equipment to charge

Hondo NCHM-810W Wide Angel Passive Infrarared Detector

These PIRs incorporates exclusive MicroPrism Lenswhich provides uncompromising catch performance. The  PIRs are as fast and reliable in detecting movement towardsthe detector as they are across the PIR zones; Detecting distance: 12m; Detecting angle: 110 degrees

The Crow Group GBD II Glass Break Detector

The GBD series is the ultimate in eliminating false alarms while offering excellent protection. It listens for sounds of breaking glass which produces two sequential signals of different frequencies.The unique phased frequency detection circuitry of these detectors allow detection of both shockand breaking glass signals creating a "false alarm free" glass break detector. The detector does not need to be attached to the window, providing volume protection and allowingyou to protect several windows with one detector.

The Crow Group SRPG II Combinated PIR & Glass Break Detector

The SRPG-II is a professional passive infrared & glass break detectorcombining functions of  SRP-600 and GBD. The detection of both shockand glass break signals creates a "false alarm free" glass break detector. The SRPG-II does not need to be attached to window. The unit features separate outputs for each technology as an aid to alarm verification.

The Crow Group TLC360 Ceiling PIR Detector, 360 degree

Unique hard shell spherical lens360° / 20 m (66’) diameter coverage whenmounted at 3.6 m (12')Ceiling Mounted Quad Element PyroComplete Range Adjustment

The Crow Group CSB60 Microwave Outdoor Detector

The microwave barriers consist of an invisible cigarshaped protection beam generated between thetransmitter and the receiver installed in the protectedarea. The microwave barriers are suited to protecthigh risk installations such as airports, factories,military sites, etc. The CSB offers outstanding performance at longdistance range and high resistance to climaticdisturbances, birds or small animal interferences. 60m and 190m available

Epsilon Security UK KP7 & KP8 Plastic centre push panic button

latching and non latching models available

Elock Surface and flash door contacts

Contact material: Rhodium, Voltage range 1-100VDC, 125V AC max, temperature range -400C to +500C

Elock Internal type of souders and sounder with strobe

SPL: 110±3dB; flashing rate: 150/minute

ELOCK External type of souders with strobe

SPL: 120±3dB; flashing rate: 150/minute


8 Telephone Number Telephone Dialler