Vehicle Monitoring Systems

CITYPOINT Vehicle Monitoring System

Vehicle Monitoring system based on the GPS/GPRS systems allows online monitoring of the speed, direction, control of the diesel, acceleration and deceleration, door control, safety belt control etc. System gives you online access via internet and/or optional remote monitoring software with the full reports for the drivers, their performance, location and direction of the vehicle moving. GPS and GPRS antennas are complete with the set

CITYPOINT Key Reader Smart Button

Smart Button option is the easiest way to control access of the drivers to vehicle. Allows to give reports of a particular driver

CITYPOINT Personal Smart Button Key

This key is used to identify driver. Each driver should have each personal unique key

CITYPOINT Starter Interrupter Kit

With the optional Starter Interrupter Kit, the vehicle will not start until the driver has inserted his SmartKey and the system verifies his ID. Allows tomprevent unauthorised drivers using the vehicle

DAVIS DriveRight®600E Vehicle monitor System

Using advanced micro-processor technology, DriveRight 600E constantly monitors your vehicle’s speed, sending data to an interactive on-board LCD display console. Drivers can see their driving performance in real time. Console displays time, distance, top speed, and average speed. Audible alarms with user-settable limits for speed, acceleration, and deceleration give instant feedback to drivers. Automatically creates an accident log whenever there is a sudden deceleration. Prevents unauthorized changes to data or thresholds, monitors multiple drivers through ID codes, protects data, and allows monitoring of brake lights, seatbelts, power take off switch, headlights. Enough memory for 600 trips and 10 accident logs

DAVIS DriveRight SmartCard System

The DriveRight SmartCard System provides extra security and convenience. Use it to authenticate driver identity, download driving data, and simplify adminstrative tasks. Consists of four parts:

SmartCard for each driver. Available in packs of ten, the SmartCard can be worn on a lanyard, clipped to a belt, or carried in a wallet;

An On-Board Reader for each vehicle. The Reader is connected to the DriveRight 600E console in the vehicle;

An optional Starter Interrupter Kit for each vehicle, to ensure that it can only be started by designated drivers only;

A Desktop Reader connected to a PC back at the office, to be used in conjunction with the Fleet Management Software.

DAVIS Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software lets you track and compare drivers and vehicles by fleet, group, or location.

Easy-to-use software lets you sort and summarize data and create reports according to selected criteria: Usage Report, showing mileage driven, average monthly mileage, and weekend and night time driving by employee;

Driver Performance Report with summarized data for each driver including individual "safety scores.";

Exception Reporting including reports for excessive speed, hard braking, and quick accelerations;

Accident Log Report showing the last critical pieces of speed data


See how and where your vehicles are being driven.

Add a GPS system to the DriveRight 600E in each vehicle, and see how and where your vehicles are being driven. Download the data to our Fleet Management Software, then use Microsoft MapPoint or other third-party mapping programs to create detailed maps showing each driver's routes, the speeds driven, and the locations of any accidents or near-accidents.

DAVIS The DriveRight Wireless Download System

Take all the trouble out of downloading driving data to your company PC. With the Wireless Download System, drivers just pull into your parking lot and their data is sent automatically to the PC. Drivers don't have to do anything or carry anything in the vehicle - it's that simple.

Reverse Parking Systems

Distance detection system for the reverse parking. Switch on automatically when reverse gear is engaged. Alerting by  number, direction, vision and audio. Embedded installation. ISO9001 quality qualification and e1 mark certificate. Available with 2 and 4 sensors; wired and wireless options