Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices

LRAD 100X Long Range Acoustic Device

The LRAD 100X is a self contained, hand held, portable loud hailer that significantly outperforms megaphones and portable public address systems. The LRAD 100X overcomes the background noise of vehicles, vessels, sirens and boisterous crowds to ensure the message is heard and clearly understood. *Highly intelligible speech transmissions over 600 meters; max range of 250 meters over 88 dB of background noise


The LRAD 300X / 300X-RA are compact, lightweight solution for use on small vessels, CROWs and armored vehicles. They can be easily transported to provide security personnel long range communications and a highly effective hailing and warning capability where needed. *Highly intelligible speech transmissions over 1000 meters; max range of 350 meters over 88 dB of background noise.

LRAD 360X Wide Area Mass Notifications

The LRAD 360X delivers LRAD’s renowned powerful, highly intelligible voice and warning tone broadcasts with perfect 360° coverage. The LRAD 360X broadcasts uninterrupted audio communications over distances up to 1.3Kilometers radius. LRAD 360X emitters can be stacked four high to produce audio up to 143dB at 1meter.

LRAD 360Xm Rapidly Deployable Mass Communication and Notification

LRAD’s indoor/outdoor omnidirectional emergency warning and mass notification system is housed in a lightweight, compact form factor. Featuring LRAD’s industry-leading voice intelligibility, every word in a LRAD 360Xm broadcast is clearly heard and understood up to a 0.6sq. km area.


The LRAD 500X / 500X-RE systems produces a sound pattern that provides clear communication over long distances. The deterrent tone can reach a maximum of 149 dB (at one meter) to influence behavior or determine intent. *Highly intelligible speech transmissions over 2000 meters; max range of 650 meters over 88 dB of background noise.

LRAD 1000

The LRAD 1000 uses directionality and focused acoustic output to clearly transmit critical information, instructions and warnings well beyond 2,000 meters. Through the use of powerful voice commands and deterrent tones, large safety zones can be created while determining the intent and influencing the behavior of an intruder. The LRAD 1000 was selected and is being used by the U.S. Navy on their Shipboard Protection System.


The LRAD-RX (Remote Long Range Acoustic Device) can be operated remotely across an IP network enabling system operators to respond to potential threats from a safe location while creating a completely unmanned first responder perimeter security solution. *Highly intelligible speech transmissions over 3000 meters; max range of 1250 meters over 88 dB of background noise.

LRAD 2000X

The superior voice intelligibility and clarity of LRAD 2000X provides a directional audio broadcast that can safely communicate with high intelligibility far beyond standoff distances. LRAD 2000X operators have the ability to issue clear, authoritative verbal commands, followed with powerful deterrent tones to enhance response capabilities. The extended frequency range of LRAD 2000X ensures voice commands will be clearly understood over distances up to 3,500 meters.

LRAD Wireless Communications System

The LRAD Wireless Kit allows for wireless operation of LRAD systems at ranges up to 300 meters. The integrated push to talk button and large volume control knob allow for simple one handed operation. A 3.5 mm phone jack connects to a standard MP3 player or other audio device used in conjunction with the headset microphone. 

The body-pack transmitter features 3.5mm microphone and line level inputs. This allows wireless transmission of microphone or line level signals. Like the receiver, the body-pack transmitter also features 188 selectable UHF frequencies. The transmitter operates up to 8 hours on 2 AA size alkaline batteries.


  • Run 16 Simultaneous Systems at Once
  • Wireless Operation up to 300 Meters
  • Push to Talk & Built-in Alert Tone
  • UHF Synthesized Frequencies
  • Dual Antenna
  • Selectable RF Output
  • Comprehensive Display